DRESSCODE strictly enforced

Visual examples found here: Dresscode Gallery.

A specific dress code is necessary for an event such as this. By maintaining a high standard of what is acceptable, we are able to create the atmosphere that is special and unique to the fetish community. That said, the possibilities are endless. We are not discriminating against any particular fetish, rather we are creating an open space for all fetishes to meet, learn, explore and enjoy.

If you present yourself to the club in an outfit that is not fetish, you will be asked to leave. Should you have an outfit that is almost there, but not quite satisfying to Honeyhair or the Revelator, you might be given the option of removing or changing some part of your costume...on stage. Honeyhair will make all decisions as to costume changes. You will then be publicly punished, whether you be a slave, switch, virgin, Master or Mistress.

We will accept

Latex, leather, PVC, rubber, uniforms, medical, fetish glam, drag, corsets, exceptional lingerie, exotic shoes & boots, vintage and period costumes, cyber/sci-fi, chain mail, body armor, body painting, transvestism, materials that are exotic e.g. plastic wrap, foil, tinsels, electrical tape. basically: anything perverse, twisted & sexy.

Uniforms of any kind:
doctors and nurses, priests and nuns, army officers, police and criminals...

Partial or full nudity is permitted, though we encourage something left to the imagination.

We will not accept

Ordinary clothing of any kind - sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, suits and ties, "the little black evening dress" or any other non-erotic clothing. also, if you are only wearing leather pants as your fetish, it is unlikely that we will allow you entrance.


"Fetish" does not mean that you need to buy expensive clothes or be completely naked. Many tools and materials can make amazing costumes. Electrical tape makes a great bra or even gloves. One roll of plastic wrap can create numerous dresses. Be creative. As long as it's sexy.

Still unsure? Check out the Dresscode Gallery.

And finally, if you still have questions or concerns of what to wear, do not hesitate to contact us.